Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Primally Delicious Salad

On Thursdays I usually only eat 2 meals since I'm super busy, so I work my hardest to make sure that both of them are supper tasty. Using a bunch of stuff in the fridge I made one of the most delicious and different salads ever. I used:
turkey patties from the Primal Blueprint Cookbook
a bunch of lettuce
chopped celery
diced bell peppers
carrot slices
strawberries and
 coconut almond dressing (sorta based off one in the Primal Blueprint Cookbook) 

It was good. In the picture you can’t see the lettuce or other veggies, but I swear they’re in there; they just got all covered up and smashed down by the meat and berries.Oh yeah, I also made that bowl too -you can't get much more primal than that.

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